The Revolutionary Scientific Approach To Health & Fitness

Tailored For All Ages and All Body Types

Proven science-based transformations

Body Science Transformations is dedicated to revolutionizing and transforming the fitness, health, body and mindset for people of all ages across both genders.

We ensure you are rigorously screened and tested and then apply body science formulae and principles, and your own personal metabolic, biophysical and medical variables.

In turn, we then design tailored programs for resistance, cardiovascular, flexibility, postural rectification, mobility, nutrition, relaxation, and sports/contest and personalized coaching to meet your goals in a safe and controlled manner (what we call the “Valhalla Method”).

The "Valhalla Method" difference

The linchpins to our Valhalla Method are the concepts of:


Combining the Valhalla Method difference with our scientific knowledge, cognitive abilities, extensive coaching and body science experience, sporting background and accolades ,and unrelenting client focus, we have achieved proven, targeted and holistic results for hundreds of clients.

What we do

Tailored Recomposition PROGRAMMing

Beyond Fitness Training

Body Science Transformations provides you with the know-how for the most rapid, but safe, body transformation via targeted strength training and advanced scientific principles and formulae. 

Via such knowledge acquisition from our experienced and certified strength training and body science experts, you’ll learn life-long skills so you’ll never want or need a personal trainer.

Apex Mindset

Living Beyond Coping

We at Body Science Transformations pride ourselves in providing you with the  tools necessary to transform yourself and attain your goals, and this includes ensuring you’re in the best place possible in terms of mindset to achieve any goal and tackle any obstacle. 

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind. 

We focus on various relaxation and spiritual exercises and forms, self-motivation techniques, and continual reinforcement of positive results. Our only focus is you and you developing an apex mindset.

Synergistic Diet Transformation

Your Main Key To Transforming Yourself

Body Science Transformations’ nutrition programs are designed to work synergistically to achieve your goals using advanced body science principles. They are designed specifically for you, using your biophysical, medical & fitness data to achieve your specific goals by transforming your diet, day-by-day and meal-by-meal, without any guesswork, starvation or unbalanced eating. 

We prescribe from a large list of the healthy and unprocessed natural foods, so that you will not only achieve results and a healthy body but also enjoy your food.


Achieving Your Maximum Potential

Given our advanced education, certifications, experience and know-how, we have built an impressive repertoire of skills, helping hundreds along the way in reaching their goals in many respects, especially in the area of specific sports preparation and conditioning. 

Our experts have personally participated and trained others in the fields of advanced strength training, powerlifting, weightlifting, natural bodybuilding, rowing, cross-fit, boxing and MMA, amongst many others.

Enough talk. Let's get started!