Our vision is to revolutionize the fitness, health and wellbeing industry for people of ALL AGES ACROSS BOTH GENDERS. HOW?

The secret revolves around possessing the cognitive ability, industry experience, Level 2 Registration with Fitness Australia, certified strength and power lifting coach, know-how, elite sporting and science background, advanced education and the SCIENTIFIC APPROACH that will get you tailored and targeted results you are seeking efficiently and effectively. WHAT DO WE MEAN EXACTLY?

Well BODY SCIENCE TRANSFORMATION is exactly that. Using body science formulae and principles, and your own personal metabolic, physical and medical variables, in designing TAILORED resistance, cardiovascular, flexibility, mobility and nutrition programs.

The tailoring emanates from in-depth initial physical, quasi-medical and fitness testing followed by constant monitoring and graphical progression updates, to ensure you are on an efficient track to reach ALL OF YOUR GOALS and to provide you with life-long training insights and skills so YOU’LL NEVER NEED A PERSONAL TRAINER.

The linchpin to this are the concepts of ADVANCED BODY SCIENCE, TAILORED RECOMPOSITION COACHING, PRESCRIBED TRAINING PROGRAMMING, SYNERGISTIC DIET TRANSFORMATION, APEX MINDSET, and DYNAMIC TRAINING. These concepts drive the “VALHALLA METHOD”. Such concepts are commonly neglected in the fitness industry but which have been proven in science to be effective in reaching an efficient, targeted and holistic results. WHY HAVE THEY BEEN NEGLECTED?

Well, simply put, basing cardiovascular, resistance, dietary, mobility and flexibility programs on concepts of body science and dynamic training requires high-level scientific knowledge, cognitive abilities and a lot of hard work, which means alternative and less effective programs are typically prescribed. HOWEVER, we are different. We aim to stand out from the pack and deliver these concepts in an unwavering fashion and dedicate, tailor and immerse myself completely in ensuring you reach all your goals efficiently and effectively REGARDLESS OF GENDER OR AGE. Our dedicated commitment with a scientific difference is designed to INSPIRE you and keep on wanting to continually improve, because science doesn’t lie.

Given our advanced education, experience, skills and know-how, we have built an impressive repertoire of skills, helping hundreds along the way in reaching their goals in many respects, including:

  • Weight and fat loss
  • General fitness
  • Lean muscle gain/hypertrophy
  • Strength conditioning
  • Dynamic and functional cardio coaching
  • Sports specific conditioning (especially advanced and certified strength training, certified powerlifting, certified weightlifting, natural bodybuilding, rowing, cross-fit, boxing and MMA)
  • Flexibility, mobility, balance and resistance coaching for older adults
  • Confidence, mental wellbeing, and relaxation methods
  • Coaching and program prescriptions for those with various illnesses, conditions or injuries

Where Does This All Happen?

We conveniently interact via both in-person and online methods.

The in-person methods are undertaken in Sydney Australia and range from training in our advanced gym, training at your premises, training at an independent gym, boot camps, outdoor sessions, and park activities.

The online methods range from tailored program prescriptions (including resistance, cardiovascular and general nutrition), one-on-one live personalized training via the web (typically via Skype or Zoom), podcasts on multiple topics (which are available free to members) and the ability to deliver, review and progress your program via the BODY SCIENCE TRANSFORMATIONS APP (coming soon).

If you’re ready to take an effective step into your TAILORED fitness dreams and transform your whole being, contact us or purchase now and reach your VALHALLA.