Science Doesn’t Lie & Personalized Programming

Science Doesn’t Lie & Personalized Programming

As a kid growing up, I always aspired to achieve the best in my chosen sports (natural body building, mixed martial arts and rowing at that time) and was so ultra-keen to get the perfect body size and body composition ASAP that I started signing up to many online training regimes and buying supplements (which, and I think you can all relate to, quite frankly didn’t work). I kept on signing up to different regimes and buying supplements from impressively marketed magazines/websites only to continually and constantly be disappointed in pursuit of the body I wanted and needed to excel in my chosen sports.

“Why didn’t they work?”, I asked myself on many occasions. I didn’t know who to turn to. I was so determined to succeed in my chosen sports and possessing a healthy body and mind but didn’t want to waste more valuable time and money in getting there.

Enter body science world

That’s when I decided to make connections with people who were the epitome of what I aspired to. And the response from all these connections was the same. Get yourself a body science or applied sports science expert who specializes in what you’re trying to achieve!

However, rather hiring an expensive body scientist or applied sports scientist, I decided to become that body science expert myself and make the change I needed myself and that change came, and it came just as I wanted it to. I was the subject and the object of the same sentence, the sentence being attaining the body and health needed to reach my sporting and aesthetic goals. I finally said goodbye to guesswork associated with so many unsuccessful training regimes and supplement products.

What do I mean by the science doesn’t lie?

Apart from many of the training regimes and supplement products purely being gimmicks and not working, those that did have some merit didn’t do the trick. Why? Because we all are programmed in different ways (by way of our DNA and upbringing) but also because we all possess different biophysical, metabolic and medical variables. What may work for one person is unlikely to work for another. There are no such things as generic or standardized programs.

The whole essence of body science is that precise, tested and proven principles and formulae are used in conjunction with your personal biophysical, metabolic and medical variables to achieve your goals and objectives in safe and reliable manner.

These body science principles and formulae are applied comprehensively throughout all parts of your programming (including resistance training, cardiovascular training, nutrition, flexibility, postural rectification and mental wellbeing), leaving no possibility for guesswork.

And the proof is in the pudding. I have achieved the results I desired in terms of my sports-related and aesthetic goals via the scientific approach (or the Valhalla Method as we say at Body Science Transformations) and we have helped many hundreds of others reach their own Valhalla.