Transform Training

The Valhalla Method

Body Science Transformations is uniquely dedicated to transforming bodies through our highly tailored resistance training program so you can become, look and feel healthy, strong, toned, shredded, vascular, lean and or voluminous (tailored totally to your goals, objectives and preferences) via the Valhalla Method.

What is the Valhalla Method?

In the context of training transformations, it focuses on:

  • Tailored resistance training program prescription
  • Tailored body recomposition (using targeted strength training)
  • Increased body definition, toning and muscle mass 
  • Pre-screening fitness and quasi-medical testing
  • Tailored cardiovascular program prescription
  • Using body science formulae based on your specific metabolic, biological and pre-screening variables to achieve your specific goals
  • Dynamic training (also known as functional training)
  • Continual focus on safe resistance and cardio progression
  • Remedying poor flexibility, posture and balance
  • Flexibility, mobility, balance and resistance coaching and program prescriptions for older adults
  • Coaching and program prescriptions for those with various illnesses, conditions or injuries.

Such resistance training program concepts are commonly neglected in the fitness industry but which have been proven in science to be effective in reaching an efficient, targeted and holistic results. As they say, science doesn’t lie.

The Valhalla Method is, in a nutshell, a revolutionary scientific system of synergistic combination of these concepts for the most effective body transformation possible for men and women of all ages.

The Valhalla Method training transformation is enlivened via the creation of dietary frameworks specifically tailored to your specific metabolic, biological and pre-screening variables and ultimate goals and objectives.

The Valhalla Method training transformation is made possible via e-mail or app delivery of your tailored resistance and general training program but also via home gym instruction (located in the inner South of Sydney), outdoor training, bootcamps, podcasts, webinars, video instructions (including YouTube), and live online coaching (via our app, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime).

If you’re ready to take an effective step into your TAILORED resistance training program and fitness dreams and transform your whole being, contact us or purchase now and reach your VALHALLA.